CT scans are slowly becoming standard procedures at Perfect Dental Clinic – they are used not only for implant treatment, but also during root canal treatment.

A classic panoramic photo cannot show precisely all inflammatory lesions in bones. 3D technique makes a difference in these cases as it allows for imaging everything in a very precise manner.

Maxillary and mandibular bone CT scans are necessary prior to planned placement of dental implants. This way volume of the osseous tissue may be evaluated and a proper diameter and thickness of an implant can be chosen. The examination is performed to ensure safety of our patients and proper evaluation of distance between the planned implants and significant structures such as an alveolar nerve and maxillary sinus. Evaluation of bone conditions is a key element before placing dental implants at a proper angles and in a determined place to achieve an ideal and stable aesthetic result.

Obtained bone CT scans may be exported to special software used for planning implant templates.

Diagnostic procedures involving computed tomography are of the essence with regard to success of the entire process – lack of proper diagnostics and planning implant-retained reconstructions with regard to osseous tissue visible in the scans may lead to disadvantageous position of implants in relation to assumed prosthetic concept.


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