Basically, all examinations at the dentist’s should include a digital panoramic photo to be considered complete. The photo should be taken every time and every 2 years on average. In most cases such prophylaxis prevents a number of dental problems from occurring.

Advantages of panoramic photos:

  • They allow for an early discovery of carious foci that are often present in areas inaccessible for the eye during an intraoral examination, e.g. under old fillings or between the teeth in subgingival areas. Caries found in time may be easily removed, and consequently, inflammation will not appear and a root canal treatment will not be necessary.
  • They allow for a periodontal examination of teeth, bone condition and possible bone atrophy.
  • They allow for finding hidden, odontogenic, and infectious foci such as: cysts and granuloma.
  • They allow for evaluating the condition of maxillary sinuses.
  • They allow for evaluating anatomy and topography of impacted teeth prior to their surgical removal.
  • They allow for a preliminary analysis of bone condition in order to plan an implant treatment.
  • They allow for detecting a number of dangerous diseases of the maxilla, e.g. osseous neoplasms, or developmental cysts.


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