Implant prosthetic services, including bone tissue augmentation, clearly differentiate Perfect Dental Clinic from other dental practices offering similar services. Our original methods and mixture send many cell signals at the collection site facilitating osteogenic and osteoinductive processes. Thanks to that, the new bone is characterized by better histological parameters, lower tendency towards resorption, and it will have a high-quality bone bed where a dental implant will be placed.

At Perfect Dental Clinic we continually introduce new techniques, which make patient’s service and appointments much more convenient, safer, and painless. Importantly, patients who need to undergo augmentation procedures complain about long period of recuperation, and expect solutions that would ensure faster recovery.

Enhanced service of bone augmentation guarantees shortened period of bone tissue augmentation, simultaneously allowing for minimizing the risk of implant rejection. The direct result of implementing this technique is an enhanced implant prosthetic service, including bone tissue augmentation with stem cells.

Above-mentioned technical know-how is a result of dr. Marek Markiewicz’s own studies, and enables provision of an enhanced service of bone augmentation based on a new method in implantology.  The solution is a trade secret described and preserved in a closed and coherent form, and classified as “know-how” by the Patent Agent.

The original method results from our developments based on clinical experience, observing patient cases registered at our dental practice, and analysis of the most recent professional papers. The solution was empirically verified on numerous occasions while proving implant services for our patients, in whom osseous system was restored with augmentation materials obtained according to the method’s assumptions.

Implemented technique involves innovative way of obtaining unique material for bone augmentation needed for dental implantology (restoration of osseous system in the oral cavity). It has not been used in implantology yet, and thus, it is a Poland-wide novelty.



Innovative technique, which we implement at our Clinic, is a breakthrough as it allows for perfecting methods of obtaining new materials, so that the quality of the collected material is improved. Another novelty is the original recipe of augmentation material that is based on a high-quality aspirate. In view of the above, the implemented technique is a Poland-wide innovation.


A radical change in bone augmentation process at Perfect Dental Clinic

A ground-breaking way of obtaining unique augmentation material for osseous system regeneration within the oral cavity, including special ingredients, obtained thanks to using an original procedure, will allow for generating a number of advantages over standard methods of bone augmentation that are commonly used.

FEATURE: using special ingredients in bone augmentation

Currently used methods in implantology do not include our ingredients as a basic component of augmentation material for bone restoration. Similar techniques  appear in orthopaedics, however, they have not been used in dentistry yet. In view of the above, our innovative technique is a breakthrough  for bone augmentation in implantology.

FEATURE: shortening the entire time of bone augmentation and excluding the risk of resorption

Bone autografts constitute a perfect material for lost bone restoration – healing period equals about 3-4 months. Thanks to biocompatibility this material is tolerated best by an organism, and constitutes a popular golden standard. A significant disadvantage of the method is unfortunately common bone tissue atrophy after the healing period – considerable resorption of the grafted autogenous material is observed even up to 50%. Xenogeneic and alloplastic materials do not cause resorption, but creation of new bone tissue requires a lot of time – from 9 to 12 months.

Our original mixture including xenogeneic/alloplastic biomaterials ensures slow time of resorption, and no atrophy after the augmentation material has healed. The period of 9 months when the augmentation material heals (characteristic for using only xenogeneic/alloplastic biomaterial) and bone tissue regenerates will be shortened down to 3 months. Then, special ingridients condition predictability of the process. They send appropriate cell signals influencing fast osteogenesis and bone mineralization, as well as penetration of the augmentation material by new capillaries (angiogenesis).

FEATURE: osteoinductive and osteoconductive features of the augmentation material without the need to collect autogenous blocks/chips

A new augmentation recipe has been supplemented with additional xenogeneic or alloplastic material. Such composition guarantees obtaining required qualities of the augmentation material, i.e. osteoconduction and osteoinduction, necessary in the view of preparation’s designation. Analogous features are obtained in an autogenous graft; however, using this type of grafts is associated with implementation of additional surgical procedures (additional cuts in order to collect a bone block), what is a barrier for a lot of patients. Xenogeneic and alloplastic materials have only osteoconductive qualities (implanted preparation is a matrix, on which a new bone is created and into which blood vessels from an adjacent bed grow).

Thanks to our original method it is possible to achieve both osteoinductive and osteoconductive qualities of the augmentation material without the need for grafts.