Perfect Dental Clinic is one of a few facilities in Poland that has access to modern and innovative dental technology. Dentistry is our interest and passion. We regularly participate in international congresses and conferences. Our team includes acclaimed lecturers; moreover, we conduct training courses for dentists. We try to introduce all technological novelties into our everyday treatment practices as they appear, because we care about the highest standard of services that we provide.

At Perfect Dental Clinic, digital dentistry is entwined with the world of analogue dentistry in some aspects. Our dentists use available methods and adjust types of treatment to individual cases.

By using our services you are in the hands of professionals who utilize digital technologies every day:

  • CAD/CAM intraoral scanner

This tool facilitates fabrication of a virtual impression that constitutes a basis for further prosthetic work. A virtual impression registers soft and hard tissues in their proper position, while precisely copying relations between teeth and soft tissues. Consequently, it is possible to perform a precise intraoral scan of the prosthetic base, and determine implant sites precisely, and in turn, make a design of the future screw-retained prosthetic reconstruction and a surgical template. Learn more about digital impressions …

  • Digital prosthetic laboratory – Perfect Dental Lab

At our Digital Dentistry Centre there is an on-site centre for milling beautiful veneers, digital crowns, and implant-supported works. Our technicians are available on-site, and capture digital files and images obtained by dentists with the use of CAD/CAM intraoral scanner. This procedure guarantees ideal precision of fabricated works and fast actions. Learn more about teeth on the same day …

  • Digital Smile Design by Perfect Dental Clinic

Do you dream about teeth you had in your youth?

Or maybe you would like to have a Hollywood smile you have never had?

You can fulfil your dreams with us. Our team of specialists will design a harmonious and natural smile for you that will match your face and meet your expectations. Learn more …

  • Digital 3D X-ray scans

Diagnostics and planning constitute the basis in every area of medicine. In dentistry, too. Cone beam CT, available at our X-ray room, generates precise scans used during root canal treatment, dental implant plans, or diagnosing bone inflammations. Obtained digital files are exported to software used to design surgical templates and plan orthodontic treatment. Learn more …

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