Do you dream about a new natural smile that you have never had?

Are you busy and don’t have time?

Or perhaps you don’t live in Poland, but would like to visit our Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry to improve your smile in the shortest time possible?

At Perfect Dental Clinic we have introduced a new service – digital veneers on the same day – just for you. Digital technology allows us to act and fabricate veneers efficiently, on the same day, on-site, with proper individualization and diligence at our digital prosthetic laboratory – Perfect Dental Lab.

Thanks to experience of our dentists and access to digital technologies, at Perfect Dental Clinic we can provide you with all types of veneers:

  • All-ceramic veneers also called porcelain veneers and ceramic veneers. They are often used on living teeth. The application is associated with little tooth preparation including enamel discolourations and old dental fillings. They are characterized by impeccable tightness and aesthetics.
  • Ultra-thin veneers. They may be made at our laboratory using reduction technique. They are very delicate and aesthetic. They are used on living teeth in most cases.
  • Non-prep veneers. They are also called Da Vinci veneers. Patients often call them chips as they are ultra-thin, i.e. 0.3 mm. They are applied without teeth preparation on the living teeth without discolouration. They may be used in selected cases.


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