At Perfect Dental Clinic there is an on-site digital prosthetic laboratory, where our technicians fabricate beautiful digital crowns, among other things. Digital crowns are available on the market under many popular names, such as: CAD/CAM crowns, lava crowns, digital Cercon crowns, or CEREC crowns.

The advantages of digital crowns over traditional PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns are enormous:

  • Ideal precision of digital crowns fabricated with digital technique of scanning teeth;
  • Excellent durability of crowns fabricated in reduction-technique by milling porcelain blocks in special laboratory milling machines;
  • Natural appearance, beautiful structure and shape. All of this is an advantage of materials used in this technique, as well as a result of working in digital environment, where the final effect is always predictable;
  • Lava and digital crowns may be copies of the designed shape of your new smile, which is created with DSD, i.e. Digital Smile Design.

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