We are the Leaders in Implantology

We know how important unshakeable self-confidence is in your life. A beautiful and complete smile exerts a great impact on it. If your tooth must be extracted due to fracture or damage, it is worth to consider using the services of our experts in dental implants.

A service offering implant and crown placement on the same day has been introduced especially for patients who want to replace a lost tooth as fast as possible by having a dental implant with a crown placed.

How does it work?

  • Book a consultation

We will perform a complete 3D exam of your bone at the lost tooth’s site, prepare a cost estimate, and plan the procedure for placing a dental implant. Most often, it will be conducted on the same day, or on the first day available.

  • Come for the procedure

During one procedure, an implantologist will carefully and painlessly extract a tooth and introduce in its place an artificial root, i.e. a dental implant. Thanks to an on-site prosthetic laboratory at Perfect Dental Clinic, a crown will be screwed onto the implant during the same procedure. The crown will restore the natural tooth’s structure and appearance.

  • Leave Perfect Dental Clinic with a complete smile

After the procedure, your dentists will hand you post-procedural recommendations and schedule a follow-up appointment as well as possible subsequent treatment stages.

We issue warranties for implants. Book a consultation