Whitening trays make it possible to perform teeth whitening at home. This method is perfectly safe if the trays are professionally made and ideally match the shape of your teeth, and the applied whitening gel is provided directly by a hygienist.

Tray teeth whitening method is often chosen by our patients as a supplementary method to laser teeth whitening. (link) In this case, we can talk about a combined method of teeth whitening. After several days from completing the whitening at the dentist’s, the patient receives special trays and a set of syringes with gel. Continuing the whitening to increase the result of snow-white teeth may be safely done at home.

However, tray teeth whitening may be also performed without the presence of dental staff. At Perfect Dental Clinic a patient needs to use our services only during the stage when impressions are made and delivered. The received trays may be then used for years, provided that patient’s tooth shapes and occlusal conditions do not change.

Tray teeth whitening at Perfect Dental Clinic:

Step 1

Book an appointment with a hygienist. We will discuss with you achievable results of teeth whitening, and an impression of your teeth will be made. If needed, the hygienist will clean your teeth professionally to remove plaque, and thus, increase the efficacy of teeth whitening.


Step 2

Pick up your tailor-made trays and a set of whitening gels.

Step 3

Following instructions provided by the hygienist, you can whiten your teeth at home using the trays. We recommend whitening your teeth at night while being asleep.

Step 4

Enjoy your beautiful smile.

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