Laser teeth whitening is your chance to have a snow-white smile after one appointment at Perfect Dental Clinic. It is a teeth-whitening method performed at the unit in its totality. It provides great results of brightening teeth even with a couple of tones. At our Clinic it is one of basic procedures in cosmetic dentistry, which is 100% safe and does not entail any mechanical interference with teeth’s enamel.

A diet rich in coffee and tea, and chain-smoking may result in teeth losing their natural bright shade with age. Teeth whitening allows for eliminating dark colour, and restoring a beautiful and natural colour to teeth. Depending on your hygienic regime, the results may last up to three years.

The target teeth colour becomes stable after about 7 days from the teeth whitening procedure. It is associated with enamel’s dehydration that at this stage may in some places show temporary opaque spots. After the stabilization period, it is possible to exchange the dark filling and possibly apply ceramic veneers.

Laser teeth whitening at Perfect Dental Clinic – Step by Step


Step 1

Our professional hygienist discusses your starting situation with regard to the teeth’s colour and possible results of teeth whitening.


Step 2

Depending on the situation and needs, professional hygienisation and scaling are performed before teeth whitening. They are necessary to increase efficacy of whitening preparation to penetrate enamel of your teeth.


Step 3

Your gums are protected with a special protective preparation. A special whitening gel in applied on the enamel that is additionally activated by a whitening lamp’s light.


Step 4

The applied gel is exchanged for a new one three times. Teeth whitening includes 3 sessions lasting about 15-20 minutes.


Step 5

Having evaluated the result, our hygienist thoroughly discusses post-whitening instructions with you.


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