Teeth whitening

Do you dream about a snow-white smile?

Would you like to have you teeth whiter with a couple of tones?

Have you already tried whitening but were not satisfied with the results?

If yes, we can surely help you achieve the dream result of teeth whitening. We have successfully whitened teeth of hundreds of patients, who were satisfied with the results. We whiten teeth with all available methods. We use only safe preparations designed for medical applications, which do not cause harmful complications.

Facts about teeth whitening that you should know:

  • Teeth whitening should be performed on healthy teeth without plaque. We recommend undergoing a professional cleaning at our Clinic prior to teeth whitening. It guarantees a higher efficacy and better results of brightening dental tissue.
  • Teeth whitening does not weaken the enamel of teeth. It is a myth. If it is performed with high-quality preparations, whitening does not cause any adverse reactions, but for temporary oversensitivity.
  • After teeth have been whitened, sometimes it is necessary to exchange old and dark fillings in the frontal area.
  • During the initial period after teeth whitening it is necessary to follow a white diet. Our hygienist will provide you with detailed instructions.

Teeth whitening methods:

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