What is better: a root canal treatment or a dental implant?

            It is a common question asked by our patients. The answer is not that simple as it depends on the case and situation.

If you have a dead tooth, which brittles, is dark, or hurts you – do not wait and meet with our dentist. Every tooth is subject to a multilateral evaluation during an examination.


A dentist takes into account the following aspects when examining a dead tooth:

  • Correctness of a root canal treatment

Even in cases of tools broken in root canals, and canals filled improperly, it is not a problem to repeat a root canal treatment with the use of a microscope, which is performed by an endodontist at Perfect Dental Clinic. They have saved a lot of teeth this way.

We believe that the longer a dead tooth may be useful, the better. There is always time to place implants, unless there is bone tissue atrophy.


  • Level of tooth crown and canal damage

Upon the first appointment a dentists evaluates a tooth’s condition. If tissue damage or fracture does not exceed tooth’s biological width, then, it is not a problem to reconstruct and restore the tooth using one of available methods. However, a dead tooth with a deep fracture is often qualified for extraction. In such cases, an expert in dental implantology is consulted. A procedure of placing an implant is often performed together with tooth extraction, during one appointment. Thanks to our on-site laboratory, we can immediately restore a lost tooth, what is especially important in the frontal area.


  • Level of bone atrophy

In case of advanced periodontitis or bone atrophy, the best solution is probably a dental implant. In cases of horizontal and considerable bone atrophy, an implantologist may suggest an immediate implant-supported reconstruction – All on 6 (link do All on six). Keeping the teeth in advanced periodontitis is sometimes pointless and leads to extreme bone atrophy, eliminating patients’ chances for implants, and by the same token, comfortable life without removable dentures.


Every situation is individually examined. Book a consultation.