Do you suffer from a persistent toothache?

You know that you need a root canal treatment, but are frightened of going to the dentist’s?

We can perfectly understand your fear of the dentist, and therefore, during a root canal treatment we will do everything to ensure your comfort. We will lead you through the entire process of a root canal treatment. We are able to perform a complete stage of a root canal treatment within one appointment. We have access to modern technology allowing for performing the entire root canal treatment efficiently and effectively.

A couple of steps are enough:

Step 1

Make an appointment with our endodontist, who deals with root canal treatments, if you suffer from a toothache, or you know that your previous root canal treatment requires improvements, a so-called repeated root canal treatment. Our root canal treatment specialist will take an X-ray image, and then discuss with you the condition of your tooth and explain the entire process of a root canal treatment. If this is a consultation appointment, you will receive a detailed cost estimate of the root canal treatment, including the price for restoring the dead tooth.

If the pain is strong, you will immediately receive an appropriate anaesthesia. During the same appointment, an endodontist will follow a procedure to decrease your pain. In many cases it is possible to end the entire process during the same appointment.

Step 2

Come to a microscopic root canal treatment of your tooth. After an earlier consultation, a date will be booked for you to perform the entire procedure during one appointment.

How does a microscopic root canal treatment look like?

  • You are anaesthetized and do not feel any pain during the procedure;
  • A dentist broaches the tooth and removes damaged tissues. In case of considerable damage, the dentist restores lost walls of the tooth prior to root canal treatment;
  • Canals are identified and cleaned from bacteria using a microscope, an endometer, and special nickelic and titanium tools;
  • Flow of bacteria into the bloodstream is cut thanks to filling the canals tightly with thermal systems, such as Obtura.

Step 3

Depending on your preferences, a dentist may also restore the dead tooth during the same appointment. Depending on the damage, the dead tooth may be strengthened after the root canal treatment with the following:

  • A CEREC CAD/CAM digital endocrown;
  • An inlay, onlay, or overlay;
  • A composite reconstruction with fibreglass cemented into the dead tooth’s canal;
  • An all-ceramic digital crown supported by the dead tooth with cemented fibreglass.


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