A repeated root canal treatment, called also a re-treatment or re-endo, is one of the most common procedures performed by our endodontists.

Every comprehensive treatment plan is connected to detailed radiology diagnostics. An analysis of a panoramic photo provides many pieces of information regarding presence of inflammatory lesions around apices of dead teeth’s roots, and correctness of performed root canal treatments. It is extremely important to review all teeth with improper root canal treatment prior to every serious treatment, such as an orthodontic treatment or a complete metamorphosis with beautiful digital crowns. Teeth with insufficiently filled canals are a source of bacteria that have contact with the entire organism. The situation may be compared to a ticking bomb.

At Perfect Dental Clinic we place a great emphasis on our patients’ health. The first stage of every treatment plan is a biological treatment including a repeated root canal treatment of dead teeth, which require that. Re-endo is also a necessary procedure with periapical inflammatory lesions in patients who are preparing for various surgeries and surgical procedures. Improving improperly filled canals is a condition for obtaining a certificate of the oral cavity sanitation.


Lack of odontogenic sources of infection, i.e. odontogenic infectious foci, is an important aspect in life of all people. With decrease in immunity, bacteria from root canals may get into the bloodstream and infect other organs, often leading to many complications, such as endocarditis or systemic sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition. Thus, we recommend frequent follow-ups and thorough examinations of teeth every 6 months. It refers especially to women who plan to become pregnant, as they should think not only about their own health.

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