Endodontics is a narrow branch of dentistry that deals with root canal treatments. At Perfect Dental Clinic the endodontists use high-class dental microscopes. It is innovative equipment, which has become a standard applied during a root canal treatment.

The team at Perfect Dental Clinic is composed of dentists with various qualifications and great skills in different areas of medicine. A proper root canal treatment requires not only broad knowledge and access to technically advanced equipment, but, first and foremost, great skills and agile hands of a dentist. During a microscopic root canal treatment precision is of great importance, especially when there is a need for a repeated treatment of a given tooth or it is necessary to take out a broken tool from the canal. These are some common situations that our endodontists deal with.

Every dead tooth becomes discoloured with time. This is a common problem and reason why patients come to Perfect Dental Clinic. In such cases, a solution of choice is a digital all-ceramic crown, which not only strengthens the dead tooth after the root canal treatment, but also camouflages its discolouration in a natural way by restoring its bright colour and proper shape. Such a crown may be placed in all cases of dead teeth, whose roots have been properly and flawlessly treated.

Upon consultation, an endodontist takes a check-up X-ray image. If a support tooth is not properly filled and its canals are not properly treated, it happens that these are reasons behind bone inflammatory lesions, such as granulomas or cysts. Then, it is visible in the X-ray image. Sometimes it is necessary to perform more detailed diagnostics with bone spot tomography including projection of the dead tooth’s apex.

At Perfect Dental Clinic, endodontists are a team of excellent specialists in their field. They correct root canal treatments in dead teeth, and take out broken tools from the canals. The entire root canal treatment is performed in an efficient way during one or two appointments, but, first and foremost, it is painless.

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