Perfect Dental Clinic is a team of excellent experts, including periodontists. They specialize in diseases of gums and the periodontium. Mainly, they treat periodontitis.

The condition of gums and bone level are the main factors affecting prognoses for the teeth, which are evaluated during the first appointments at our Clinic. Diagnosing advanced periodontitis, and consequently, significant bone atrophy, is an indication for tooth extraction. Bone tissue and implant bed need to be preserved. In cases of advanced periodontitis, it is often necessary to undergo an immediate implant procedure, including an implant-supported reconstruction:

In cases of advanced periodontitis, remaining off-balance teeth will surely lead to even greater bone atrophy, anodontia, and the need to perform extensive and unnecessary bone tissue restorations. In order to avoid that, it is worth checking the condition of your bones around the teeth.

Implanty u mężczyzny

In cases of moderate periodontitis, our periodontist will conduct necessary procedures to restore the periodontium, and order regular professional cleaning at your personal hygienist’s. In this case, professional hygienisation should take place regularly every 4 months. It is critical to keep the teeth.

Often patients report to the Clinic with bleeding gums. This condition affects people in various ages. The most common reason is dental calculus. If a periodontist does not confirm bone atrophy in the panoramic photo and pockets do not show any aberrations from the norm upon examination, the case is going to be classified as a reversible inflammation of gums, i.e. gingivitis. In most cases, after proper and thorough hygienisation performed by a professional hygienist, bleeding and gingivitis subside.


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