Professional hygienisation at Perfect Dental Clinic

In order to achieve treatment results and prevent caries or periodontitis, it is necessary to undergo scaling and sandblasting regularly. Frequency of appointments at the hygienist’s is determined individually with patients and depends on indications and various predispositions as well as features.


A professional hygienisation appointment at Perfect Dental Clinic

Step 1

Ultrasonic scaling

At our Clinic the procedure is performed gently with an ultrasonic scaler used for crushing hard deposits of calculus found subgingivally. Additionally, cavitation triggered by the tool disrupts bacteria found in gingival pockets and removes inflammatory granulation tissue. It is a prophylactic procedure that should be performed every 4 months in people at risk of periodontitis, no matter if there are deposits of calculus or not.

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Step 2 


This procedure aims at removing discolouration present on teeth that results from patient’s diet and smoking. In cases of slight plaque, at Perfect Dental Clinic modern powder consisting in sand and glycine is used. It is very gentle, does not cause irritation and enamel damage. Standardly, sandblasting is done together with scaling and prior to teeth whitening.

Step 3

Fluoride therapy

Cleaned enamel is covered in fluoride foam for a couple of minutes. It helps in alleviating slight hypersensitivity that may occur after this procedure.

Step 4 

Instructions and choosing products for oral hygiene

After the hygienisation, your hygienist will highlight possible errors you make while brushing your teeth and assist you in choosing a proper toothbrush as well as products for oral hygiene dedicated especially to your teeth.



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