Higienistka Żaneta Norowska

Higienist Żaneta Norowska

The aim of topical fluoride therapy is strengthening teeth enamel by using special fluoride foam, directly after professional cleaning at the hygienist’s, or fluoride-rich varnish.

Teeth varnishing cannot be performed during the same appointment as cleaning due to little bleeding that may appear. Applying fluoride varnish to teeth has a number of advantages. It is worth to perform this procedure regularly every 6 months.

Tooth enamel is built from hydroxyapatites. Fluoride therapy aims at building in fluoride ions into the enamel’s structure, and thus, create fluorapatites, which are much more resistant to cariogenic bacteria. Application of fluoride varnish triggers a many hours’ emission of fluoride ions and it definitely recommended for young people, whose enamel is not fully mineralized, and for people, who are at high risk of caries.




Teeth varnishing – Step by Step


  • Teeth are cleaned by a hygienist with a special brush and polishing paste;
  • Enamel is separated from access of saliva;
  • Fluoride varnish is thoroughly rubbed into surfaces of teeth and left to dry.



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