Surgical tooth extraction is a procedure, which our dental surgeons perform as a standard and in a painless way. It is a type of procedure, during which an extracted tooth has been badly damaged, sometimes even below the bone level. As opposed to a standard extraction, an experienced dental surgeon with high-class surgical equipment should perform the procedure. At Perfect Dental Clinic our oral surgeons have helped hundreds of patients, who suffered from similar problems.


Surgical tooth extraction – Step by Step

Step 1
Upon arriving at the Clinic, our dental surgeon checks what the reason of your pain is. Detailed X-ray diagnostics is performed. In cases of complex anatomy of the tooth to be extracted, it is sometimes necessary to perform a 3D cone beam CT to evaluate the tooth thoroughly with regard to its important anatomic structures such as nerves or the maxillary sinus.

Step 2
The dental surgeon explains the entire procedure of a tooth extraction. Patients can ask questions if they want to.

Step 3
The procedure of “pulling out” the tooth is performed in calm atmosphere, gently, slowly, and most importantly – painlessly.

Step 4
After the procedure our dental surgeon gives you post-procedural recommendations and discusses with you possible further steps, such as follow-up appointments and a possibility to restore the missing tooth by placing an implant.

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