A root apex resection is a dental microsurgery procedure. It is performed in cases of bone inflammatory complications that have occurred in the apical area of the tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment.

At Perfect Dental Clinic we believe that all surgical procedures should be the last resort. We perform them when all other treatment methods fail. If a patient with a poorly treated tooth and a cyst surrounding it comes to the Clinic, firstly, we correct the root canal treatment using a microscope. The first signs of bone inflammatory lesion healing are visible already after three months, counting from the day when a dentist at our Clinic performed a root canal treatment.

If the wound does not heal or there are no natural trabeculations within the inflammatory area, the patient is referred to our dental surgeon to undergo a recession and removal of the cyst, i.e. a cystectomy.

A root resection is performed gently; it is done mostly in one-root teeth, and in the frontal area. The procedure is painless thanks to a local anaesthetic. The procedure is based on removing the infected root apex and curetting the odontogenic cyst from the bone. Then, the remaining root is separated from the bone by a special material for retrograde root canal filling.


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