A tooth extraction is the most popular surgical procedure at the dentist’s. In Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology – Perfect Dental Clinic it is performed only when the level of tooth damage is critical. Our dentists evaluate the condition of a given tooth after thorough diagnostics, and then, decide if it qualifies for extraction.


Tooth extraction – Step by Step


Basically, there are three options:

Option 1:

With an acute inflammation and pain you will receive an appropriate anaesthetic, and the procedure will be performed painlessly and gently on the same day.

Option 2:

If the bone tissue surrounding the extracted tooth allows for that, the best choice is to extract the tooth and place a dental implant on the same day. A reconstruction of the lost structure and tooth shape is also possible by placing a crown on the implant.

Such a procedure, i.e. with implant placement, prevents bone atrophy that occurs when a tooth has been removed. It is determined that if an implant is not placed after a tooth has been removed, than a local bone atrophy occurs as the bone is not stimulated – about 70% of bone’s initial volume is lost. Hence, it is essential to extract a tooth and place an implant on the same day.


Option 3:

It is possible to introduce an augmentation material or an A-PRF into the alveolus, what will prevent bone resorption – a so-called socket preservation procedure. Then, an implant placement can be postponed with a couple of months.


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