Gum recession treatment is a procedure that basically belongs to plastic microsurgeries, and is often performed at Perfect Dental Clinic. It involves increasing the thickness and height of the gingiva at the tooth’s cervix. The aim is to completely eliminate the recession and improve the appearance

The gingival recession occurs in:

  • The elderly who suffer from periodontitis;
  • Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment;
  • People with poor oral hygiene;
  • People with a thin gum biotype, and muscle attachments that are extremely close to teeth.

Every case of gingival recession is evaluated individually. Firstly, the cause of this condition must be eliminated so that the situation does not recur in the future. Then, connective tissue, which will be grafted using one of the available surgical techniques, is collected. The palate is the most common collection site. Collecting connective tissue does not constitute a significant injury, and the palate regenerates completely within a couple of days. Next, in the recession area the collection site is prepared for the graft by means of delicate microsurgical tools. It is sutured in with very thin surgical sutures, which need to remain in the operated place for 2 weeks. During the following months, the patient should avoid using a hard toothbrush and limit irritation in this area.

The entire procedure is painless and lasts about one hour. The results are highly predictable.


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