Cosmetic crown lengthening involves surgical lengthening of crowns. It is a microsurgical procedure conducted frequently by dentists at Perfect Dental Clinic. The procedure involves cutting out excessively highlighted gum during a smile.

A lot of people have a complex due to their gingival smile. However, they are not aware how easy and fast they can eliminate this gummy smile. For our experienced dentists it is a simple and predictable procedure that is always painless. Moreover, it is not connected to any complications or post-procedural pain. Soft tissue heals really fast, and, depending on the case, suture removal may be performed after a couple of days counting from the day when crown lengthening was performed.

Perfect Dental Clinic is a team of dentists, for whom a beautiful and natural smile of our patients is very important. In order to achieve a predictable result, we conduct digital smile analysis and perform Digital Smile Design at our Clinic. After cosmetic analysis and examination of lip dynamics during a smile, optimal length of teeth at each side is determined. As a result, sometimes it is necessary to make cosmetic corrections within the gingiva, especially in the frontal area.

The Digital Design is also a supplementary template used in conducting the cosmetic procedure of crown lengthening precisely. Basically, after two weeks we can talk about healed gingival tissue, and if needed, then we can make ceramic veneers.


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