Dental surgery is a broad field encompassing surgical procedures within the oral cavity. At Perfect Dental Clinic our dental surgeon performs all procedures in a painless way using high-class anaesthetics. Surgical procedures are performed with a successful local anaesthesia without the need of hospitalization or general anaesthesia. When patients experience acute stress, premedication can be offered.

Oral surgeons at Perfect Dental Clinic perform their procedures safely and gently. We offer various types of anaesthesia depending on patient’s health and age. Moreover, we can safely anaesthetise patients with systemic diseases as well as pregnant patients.


Basic dental surgical procedures at Perfect Dental Clinic:

First and foremost, we aim at treating and keeping all of patient’s teeth. A tooth is extracted when its damage and condition do not allow for saving it. From implantology point of view, tooth extractions is a highly important procedure and affects further condition of the bone bed where an implant is placed. Tooth extraction should be atraumatic so that bone tissue is not damaged; otherwise, it will result in its atrophy and post-surgical pain.

Dental surgery is our everyday life and passion. It is not a routine. Every case is different. However, it does not mean that horizontally impacted wisdom teeth or deeply fractured roots can impress our dental surgeons. Our surgical procedures to remove teeth and roots are completely painless and efficient, what has been confirmed by hundreds of patients.

An impacted wisdom tooth or inhibited eruption of a wisdom tooth is the most common reason why young patients come to the Clinic. Symptoms include unpleasant pain, and sometimes swelling and trismus. Our dental surgeon performs such procedures efficiently, in less than an hour, and in the least traumatic way.


Dental surgeons perform also a number of other procedures, which support other areas of dentistry during a comprehensive treatment:

This procedure can sometimes save a tooth. In cases of bone inflammation, such as a cyst or a granulation tissue, sometimes it is necessary to perform a cystectomy, i.e. a surgical resection of a cyst or an infected root apex, despite the ideal root canal treatment.

A routine procedure performed during implant placement in the frontal areas in order to achieve an ideal aesthetic result, so-called pink aesthetics.

This procedure is actually a plastic microsurgery. It allows covering exposed tooth cervixes in the most natural way by a dental surgeon.

After a cosmetic face analysis and creating a Digital Smile Design it often turns out that crown lengthening is necessary to show the teeth during a smile; then, the final result will emphasize the appearance and smile that harmoniously matches the face.