Prototype of your future teeth

This stage encompasses an analysis of occlusion and planning a prosthetic reconstruction by making a wax design and, if needed, cast models or digital model images after scanning patient’s tooth shape with a special intraoral scanner.

Wax design of your future teeth constitutes an important stage in planning an interdisciplinary treatment. It is made on the basis of both aesthetic and functional aspects. At Perfect Dental Clinic, a dental technician makes a wax-up model after a dentist has performed earlier diagnostics and a complete examination. Shape of wax teeth is carefully modelled on the basis on digital smile design. Learn more about digital design of your smile and a metamorphosis you have always dreamed about.

A fabricated complete wax-up model is necessary at every treatment stage. It also allows to spread in time long aesthetic treatment and ensure the final result will be in accordance with aesthetic assumptions. On the basis of a wax-up model, a dentist can also make a so-called mock-up model, i.e. a model of the designed prototype that may be transferred into the oral cavity and presented to a patient by placing it on her/his teeth; the mock-up model is made from a special material.

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