Placing a dental implant at Implantology Centre at Perfect Dental Clinic is a procedure performed by implantology experts and in compliance with world-class standards.

The basic assumption during dental implant placement is safety of our patients and procedure predictability. After all, a dental implant is only a mean to achieve the highest aim that is a beautiful smile. Prior to the implant procedure, a patient is carefully diagnosed.

Bone CT is one of the performed exams. We usually make a digital smile design with comprehensive treatment.

Implant templates are made on the basis of the final prosthetic solution, and they enable our implantologists to place dental implants in a minimally invasive and safe way for the patient.

Implant prosthetic reconstruction must be planned prior to the surgical procedure. A consequence of the lack of proper diagnostics, treatment plan and surgical templates, is a disadvantageous position of implants in relation to the assumed prosthetic concept.

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