Every smile metamorphosis is thoroughly planned at Perfect Dental Clinic. Most often, a team of specialists in various dentistry fields participates in this process. In order to have a beautiful smile matching one’s face, all the steps need to be precisely performed.

Step 1 Biological treatment and oral cavity sanitation

During the first appointment, a dentist performs a so-called oral cavity sanitation that involves biological treatment. Firstly, living teeth are treated. Carries must be removed fast, because it may cause inflammatory conditions. Other important treatments include correcting or repeating root canal treatment of some teeth, if it is necessary.

Step 2 Analysis of facial features and aesthetics

A dentist prepares a professional photo portfolio. It will be used not only for carries evaluation, but also it will facilitate a detailed analysis of facial features and creating digital dream smile design. Learn more on how we design smiles.

Step 3 Functional analysis

It involves a thorough examination of:

  • Temporomandibular joints with regard to disorders such as snapping or dislocations
  • Movement paths of the mandible and possible disorders
  • Occlusal disorders
  • Possible existence of so-called bruxism – clenching and grinding one’s teeth

Having performed a functional analysis, but wanting to learn more about your joint relations, our dentists use the Kois Deprogrammer. It is a removable plate worn by a patient for two weeks. After that time, another appointment is scheduled, and the dentist registers patient’s teeth models in a so-called centric relation. Producing such a joint system is of key importance in treating many occlusal disorders and dysfunctions. At Perfect Dental Clinic we provide only high-quality services, and thus, the deprogrammer is often used prior and post orthodontic as well as prosthetic treatments.