Bone tomography

At Perfect Dental Clinic there is separate X-ray room equipped with high-tech equipment for 3D cone beam CT. This tool is exceptionally precise, and with minimal radiation doses it allows for performing extremely thorough diagnostics of inflammatory lesions in bones around the teeth that often remain invisible in standard panoramic photos.

Bone CT is an extremely important and necessary tool that we use at our Clinic to evaluate osseous tissue and plan implant procedures. Only a comprehensive diagnostic approach can facilitate analyses of osseous tissue condition and quality by providing important information about bone density, height, and width. Such diagnostics guarantees precision in planning an implant procedure.

Every implant prosthetic reconstruction starts with meticulous diagnostics, necessary for designing an implant-retained reconstruction later on in the process. To that end, an X-ray panoramic image or a CBCT image is taken; they can help in evaluating condition of the bone in the area of implant placement, condition of adjacent teeth, or position of anatomical structures that are significant during the procedure. In case an inflammation is diagnosed, oral cavity sanitation is performed.

All the above activities aim at planning further steps in a precise way, and with the use of comprehensive evaluation of patient’s anatomical conditions.


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