Generally, dental implants are a solution for every adult at every stage of life. Of course, there are many risk factors that may determine how long dental implants will serve a patient. Dentists at Perfect Dental Clinic work according to tested procedural proceedings, which minimize the risk for implant rejection. We use only implants with the highest quality.

The most common risk factors for dental implant procedures include:

  • Untreated systemic diseases, e.g. diabetes;
  • Smoking;
  • Poor hygienie;
  • Lack of patient’s co-operation and failing to observe dentist’s recommendations.

All above-mentioned factors may be significantly reduced or even eliminated with proper treatment and approach.

In a group of patients it is often necessary to perform a considerable bone augmentation prior to placing implants. It is associated with commonly occurring bone atrophy after a tooth has been extracted. Statistically, when a tooth is lost within the first year more than 50% of osseous tissue volume declines. Hence, it is extremely important to plan an implant treatment early.

In cases of considerable bone atrophy, bone augmentation is most often performed by taking an autogenous bone block from various body regions, such as chin or external oblique line of the mandible. Taken autogenous material is properly prepared, given shape, and then, it is fixed at the collection site. Bone cavity is prepared by performing decortication, i.e. special holes in external bone, and drilling holes for fixing screws into the bone block. The bone block is placed in at the collection site and fixed in two points with screws for osteosynthesis at the collection site. The procedure looks this way in most clinics worldwide.

Dr. Marek Markiewicz from Perfect Dental Clinic reaches towards this group of patients, who due to traumatic nature of the described bone augmentation procedure have not decided to undergo the treatment and thus, have been forced to use uncomfortable removable dentures. Recently Perfect Dental Clinic has started to offer an original innovative technique of considerable bone loss augmentation without the need of collecting patient’s bone material from other body regions.

In our original bone augmentation method we want to use technology that will stimulate and support tissue development. We want to imitate biological processes taking place during natural embryonic development, where so-called stem cells are active. Thanks to stem cells we expect to obtain phenomenal results in hard tissue reconstruction within the oral cavity by correcting congenital and acquired defects, and ending up with a complete osseous tissue of the highest quality and complete biocompatibility with patient’s organism. This method will allow for faster development of augmentation material in a more predictable way.

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