Minimal implantology at the highest level at Implantology Centre of Perfect Dental Clinic:

Having in mind post-procedural comfort of patients treated at our Implantology Centre, we have introduced many minimally invasive procedures for placing dental implants that are based on our knowledge, numerous scientific papers and our clinical experience.

Implantology Centre at Perfect Dental Clinic works 100% in a digital environment. Thanks to that every implant placement may be planned with great details. During digital smile design (link do DSD), our dentists prepare also proper surgical templates (link) in case an implant is planned. During a procedure of placing an implant, they allow for minimally invasive work. After such a procedure, patients are not swollen, and sometimes do not even have to take analgesics. Moreover, thanks to our on-site prosthetic laboratory patients can leave the Implantology Centre on the same day with ready teeth and a smile on their face. Learn more … (link do implant z korona w jeden dzień )

Implantology Centre at Perfect Dental Clinic has introduced an innovative method of bone augmentation with stem cell as the first clinic in Poland. Using this method, even patients with considerable bone atrophy are not doomed to use uncomfortable removable dentures. For this group of patients as well as the ones who avoid implants due to trauma associated with painful collection of bone material from other body regions and transplanting it near the implant, we can offer an alternative minimally invasive method that is an original solution of dr. Marek Markiewicz. The solution is protected by “know-how” clause by the Patent Agent.

Our patients learn about this innovative method also during consultations, after the loss is diagnosed and bone deficit is thoroughly determined at our Implantology Centre. Bone deficit should be treated as a disease, which may be properly diagnosed and evaluated only by an implantologist. After presenting a treatment plan, possibilities for standard procedures and their course together with the risk of complications, treatment with the use of alternative, innovative, less invasive and more predictable method of bone augmentation will be discussed.

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To enhance therapeutic methods at Implantology Centre at Perfect Dental Clinic we also use natural growth factors present in patients’ own blood. Thus, prior to the procedure patient’s blood will be drawn, and using a special set for separation – a so-called horizontal centrifuge – we will obtain platelet rich fibrin (PRF) and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Thanks to such packages, wounds heal faster and better.