Perfect Dental Clinic offers all prosthetic solutions that may be realized with titanium posts. Often patients who use removable dentures every day complain about their stability or even them falling our while biting foods. In addition, a big acrylic plate on the palate causes problems with proper pronunciation and impairs the sense of taste. Our Implantology Centre offers high-quality implants that after being placed into patient’s bone may constitute a great element that completely stabilizes the denture.

In case of anodontia, it is possible to place only two implants to significantly improve patient’s quality of life by stabilizing the denture on special clasps fixed to implants. An optimal number of implants that significantly limits mobility of the denture equals four. They are placed in maxillary or mandibular bones after detailed diagnostics including CT.


Removable dentures stabilized by implants are made in various versions


  • Implant-supported overdentures with a bar

Actually, it may be said that this is a removable bridge. Properly positioned and placed in a patient’s bone implants constitute a basis for a special titanium bar. On the internal side, the denture has special matrixes that clasp bars on implants in proper places within the oral cavity. A bar denture fixed this way is practically 100% stable, makes biting possible, and is comfortable as there is no palate plate.




  • Implant-supported overdentures with locators

They are more economical than bars mounted onto implants. The denture sits on special grapples fixed to implants that look like pellets. We recommend placing four dental implants to support the denture on four evenly placed locators. According to our experience, such a system provides the highest comfort and stabilizes the removable denture clasped with locators.