Placing a dental implant is a procedure that with proper planning and impeccable surgical technique may be finished off by mounting a porcelain crown on the implant on the same day. It is a standard procedure at Perfect Dental Clinic when we deal with a missing tooth in the frontal aesthetic area.

An implant with a crown on the same day is a procedure that may be successfully used thanks to our excellent on-site digital laboratory, Perfect Dental Lab, in which dental technicians carefully fabricate beautiful and natural crowns and implants.

Before placing an implant at Perfect Dental Clinic, our implantologist performs thorough diagnostics including

CT scans. Umożliwia to dobranie odpowiedniej średnicy i długości implantu zębowego do indywidualnych warunków panujących w kości pacjenta. It allows for matching a proper diameter and length of a dental implant with patient’s individual bone conditions. It is of key importance as regards the success of placing an implant and a crown on the same day. A crown may be placed on an implant only under certain circumstances. Primary stabilization of an implant placed immediately in the bone is important. If this parameter is too low, loading the implant by mounting a crown on it may cause a rejection of the titanium post. Choosing a proper implant geometry and usage of premium-class implants by our implantologists minimize the risk of complications. During the procedure our dentist screws a dental implant directly into the alveolar, from which a tooth has been extracted, and mount a crown fabricated at our prosthetic laboratory on the implant.

Thus, proper surgical experience in implantology of the person performing the implant placement and tooth extraction procedure is significant in terms of success of placing an implant with a crown on the same day. Perfect Dental Clinic was created by dr. Marek Markiwicz who has a broad experience in implant treatment, what is confirmed by the Diplomate title, i.e. an expert in dental implantology.

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