In cases when a couple of adjacent teeth are missing there are reasonable grounds to make a porcelain implant-supported bridge in One Step Concept protocol.

What is One Step Concept?

One Step Concept is facially driven implant placement at a one stage procedure based on 3D cone beam bone tomography and digital smile project. Author of this innovative method is polish dentist – dr Marek Markiewicz.

This idea involves placing at least two implants to replace the missing teeth. Of course, it is necessary to have the occlusal system and bone condition examined by an implantology expert. After qualifying a patient for the procedure and performing necessary diagnostics, the patient receives a detailed treatment plan including an implant-supported bridge, cost estimate, and schedule.

The advantage of implant-supported bridge over other prosthetic solutions is a complete lack of interference and no need to prepare patient’s adjacent teeth. After placing dental implants in a toothless bone, resorption that occurs every time a tooth is lost is hindered. It is possible thanks to continual stimulation and shifting occlusal forces from the implant-supported bridge to surrounding osseous tissue directly. It leads to a gradual densification of the bone bed in which a dental implant has been placed.

Thanks to Markiewicz Clinic Dental Lab it is possible to perform a laboratory stage during the same appointment, when dental implants were placed. It means that after placing the implants in patient’s bone a dentist can also mount a porcelain bridge that was prepared within the same appointment. This solution is especially valued by international patients coming to our Clinic and undergoing a fast treatment process involving implant-supported bridges.

We know how important appearance is and how big its influence on private and professional life of our patients is. While designing implant-supported bridges we use only implants with the highest quality, and consider a face shape as well as muscle dynamics to create a beautiful smile highlighting beauty of every patient.