Crowns with individual abutments – a solution for the most demanding

Perfect Dental Clinic is a Centre for Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our aim and success pre-requisites in implant treatment are defined by the lack of implant rejection and excellent aesthetic result. We deal with digital smile design and planning every surgical step to provide our patients with beautiful prosthetic works that will meet all their aesthetic expectations.

In order to achieve the expected result in implant treatment we often use individual abutments. As opposed to pre-fabricated standard abutments, technology of fabricating individual abutments is in accordance with an individual design and imitated natural dental tissues in their shape. It allows for biocompatible fabrication and mounting a crown on a dental implant with an individual abutment.

Individual titanium abutments are cut according to a digital design from special titanium blocks. These are the elements that connect an artificial root, i.e. a dental implant, with a dental crown that restores a structure of dental tissues. The shape of an individual abutment influences aesthetic result, shape, emergence profile and tightness of an implant-mounted crown. Connection tightness between particular structures, i.e. dental implant, individual abutment, and crown, is also of key importance.

Special kinds of individual abutments are zirconium hybrid abutments. They are made in cases of replacing teeth in frontal or aesthetic sections. Their main advantage is a natural appearance of gingival tissue over the implant-mounted crown. In this zone the gingiva is naturally pink and does not change its colour to blue, what often happens when titanium abutments without a zirconium layer are used. Aesthetic hybrid abutments are made by firing a zirconium oxide opacifying layer onto an abutment’s titanium base. Placing a crown on such an abutment guarantees the best aesthetic result.