An implant-supported crown is the best solution if one tooth is missing

If a tooth is missing, the best solution that we can offer is placing a dental implant and immediately loading it with an all-ceramic crown. Remember that an alternative solution, i.e. a bridge when only one tooth is missing, unnecessarily damages neighbouring teeth.

An alternative – natural teeth-supported bridge:

  • Necessary preparation and irreversible damage of adjacent teeth;
  • When living teeth are prepared there is a risk of inflammatory condition, gangrene, or necessary root canal treatment;
  • Progressing bone atrophy at the site when a tooth is missing influences appearance and facial features and is a result of osseous tissue not being stimulated by a tooth or an implant;
  • Food that gets under the bridge often causes gingivitis and is associated with high risk of developing root caries of prepared supporting teeth, and losing adjacent teeth.

Above-mentioned consequences of a natural teeth-supported bridge are not only associated with irreversible interference and damage of your adjacent teeth, but all in all, they make this solution more expensive than placing a single implant and attaching a crown to it.

When a tooth is qualified for an extraction, our implantologists perform thorough diagnostics including CBCT system, and then simultaneously extract the tooth and place a dental implant that is immediately loaded with a porcelain crown. After about one-hour long procedure, the patient leaves our Implantology Clinic with a smile and a complete set of teeth.

In cases when a tooth was lost due to a widespread inflammation, osseous conditions necessary to place an implant are significantly worsened. Most often it is associated with bone damage and resorption by inflammatory granulation tissue and dental cysts. If the inflammation is not acute, our implantologist is able to extract the tooth and place an implant-supported crown immediately. In case there are general symptoms and a purulent effusion, only the aetiological tooth is extracted. After the inflammation subsides and the osseous tissue is mineralized, our implantologist places an implant with a crown.

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