Laboratory prosthetic reconstructions after an implant integration period. Step by Step:

  • After making an impression at the level of implant placement, a prosthetic work is sent to the on-site Perfect Dental Lab. Depending on angulation of the placed implant, a screw-on prosthetic reconstruction or a reconstruction cemented onto an implant abutment is made.
  • Next stage includes fixing the fabricated prosthetic reconstruction screwed onto implants in patient’s mouth.
  • After receiving the prosthetic reconstruction, a dentist screws an abutment onto the implant. Having evaluated passivity, tightness, and aesthetics of the prosthetic work, as well as obtaining patient’s acceptance, the work is fixed onto the implant. The abutment is screwed into the implant with the force of about 30 Ncm. Then, a prosthetic crown is placed on the abutment and cemented.

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