At Perfect Dental Clinic’s Implantology Clinic we prefer minimally invasive and predictable implantology. Thus, we have implemented proper digital procedures allowing our dentists to work in a way that is least traumatic for patients. We are aware that dental implants are only means to reach the main goal, which is a healthy and beautiful smile.

On the basis of data gathered during diagnostic process (stage 1), a design of the future screw-on implant prosthetic reconstruction is created. The design of the final reconstruction is of key importance for preparing a screw-on prosthetic work and proper positioning of dental implants at our Implantology Clinic.

All the above requires the following procedures:

  • Fabricating a wax design;
  • Fabricating a surgical template from acrylic or PMMA;
  • Placing implants in correlation with existing bone volume / analysing the demand for osseous tissue for implants.

A devised wax design or a surgical template with holes corresponding with the sites for placing implants will be prototypes in terms of final reconstruction shape. Holes in the template will correspond with holes of the final screw-on prosthetic work.

Thanks to these preparations, it will be possible to situate sites for implants in space, and determine an appropriate angle at which implants will be placed. Determining the number, site and angle of particular implants in a future screw-on reconstruction provides necessary knowledge about the demand for osseous tissue that constitutes a bone bed for placed implants.

Implant prosthetic reconstructions must be planned prior to a surgical procedure. Consequences of the lack of proper diagnostics and a treatment plan, as well as resigning from the use of surgical templates may include disadvantageous sites for posts with regard to the assumed prosthetic concept.


At Implantology Clinic procedural standards are of key importance and we do not allow for compromises when it comes to treating our patients.