All-on-6 – porcelain bridge on six implants

In short, All-on-6 in One Step Concept is a fixed reconstruction that restores all patient’s teeth with the use of six dental implants. This solution is highly recommended by our implantologists, and shows a very good distribution of forces in the oral cavity as well as excellent biomechanical properties of a porcelain bridge placed on implants permanently.

In every patient, titanium posts restore either one or a larger number of teeth. A major advantage of these prosthetic solutions is that, regardless of the number of used implants, there is no need to tamper with structure of adjacent living teeth till it is absolutely necessary – this irreversible process leads to considerable tooth weakening – or even perform a root canal treatment.

In case of complete loss of teeth, it is possible to use implants as support for a special porcelain bridge, which is a convenient solution replacing an uncomfortable and removable denture. All-on-6 assumes that all dental implants are placed on the same day and immediately loaded with a designed and fabricated reconstruction of ready teeth. Entire technology making this solution possible is available at Perfect Dental Clinic. Implantologists use only dental implants of the highest quality. Our on-site digital prosthetic laboratory and professional technicians provide comfort to our patients who undergo all procedures and smile metamorphoses. Thanks to that, patients can leave our Clinic with ready teeth on the same day when the procedure was performed.

Why is it worth to get an All-on-Six porcelain bridge at One Step Concept protocol?

  • You can receive an immediate restoration of lost teeth within one day. More …
  • The entire procedure is performed by an implantology expert according to world standards.
  • We use premium-class implants, i.e. of the highest quality. Having in mind comfort and peace of our patients, we also issue warranties.
  • The entire procedure is carefully planned and reconstruction of your lost teeth is previously designed according to our original program Digital Smile Design by Perfect Dental Clinic, which will make you smile natural, beautiful and adjusted to your facial features.
  • In case of bone deficits, our team of dentists is able to perform regeneration of atrophic tissue in a minimally invasive way according to our original method of bone augmentation with stem cells.
  • Direct access to digital prosthetic laboratory at the Clinic allows our dentists for a close co-operation with dental technicians, what limits the risk of aesthetic failures at the stage of fabricating all-ceramic bridges and crowns.

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