Why should you choose implants in One Step Concept?

One Step Concept is amethod that has been recently created by dr Marek Markiewicz. This is an innovative procedure that allows for reconstructing tooth loss in cases of complete anodontia. It is sufficient to place even only four implants in patient’s bone, what is possible in difficult conditions of extreme bone atrophy. One Step Concept procedure is performed within one day, and a patient may leave our Clinic with stable fixed complete teeth fabricated at our prosthetic laboratory.

One Step Concept is a techniques used very often at our Implantology Clinic. Four dental implants are a minimal number of posts to have a fixed prosthetic restoration that does not need to be removed from the oral cavity. Our procedural codes are rational, we adjust the treatment method, number of dental implants and kind of prosthetic reconstruction – every procedure is individually adjusted to patient’s conditions.

Unquestionably, One Step Concept has many advantages, and that is why this is one of the most common implant-supported solutions chosen by patients who come to our Implantology Clinic.

Advanatges of 4 Implants in One Step Concept:

  • Restoration of all teeth on only 4 implants;
  • The method may be used even in difficult conditions, and with bone atrophy;
  • The procedure is minimally invasive. Pain and post-procedural swelling are minimal;
  • No need for bone augmentation;
  • The method is cheaper in comparison with other implant procedures, and fast. A patient leaves the Implantology Clinic with new teeth.