We are Leaders in Implantology

dental implants

Implants are one of the basic areas of our activities. Our dentists hold expert degrees in implantology issued by the largest implantology organizations worldwide. Knowledge and experience of our implantologists are continually expanded during many courses and conferences around the world. Additionally, Perfect Dental Clinic offers courses and lectures for other dentists, who want to broaden their knowledge about dental implants, procedures for bone augmentation, and digital dentistry.

implanty dentystyczne dental implants

Patients that come to our Clinic to have implants placed can always be sure that they are in the hands of specialists. We can boast a minimal percentage of implant rejection at 1%. We use only tested and minimally invasive procedures while placing dental implants. Thorough pre-procedural diagnostics is carefully performed. Our Clinic has equipment for digital X-ray diagnostics of the highest quality. Carestream 3D CBCT system allows imaging osseous tissue in three planes, and planning as well as performing every procedure of placing an implant in a safe way for a patient.

We use only high-quality dental implants. Thanks to great experience of our implantologists and having in mind peace and comfort of our patients, who undergo implant placement, we have introduced extended warranty for services associated with implantology.


Advantages of Dental Implants at Perfect Dental Clinic:

Dental implants placed in osseous tissue trigger its stimulation and prevent its disappearance after a tooth has been lost. A solution utilizing dental implants has an unquestionable advantage over bridges and other prosthetic reconstructions:

implanty dentystyczne

  • Health – no need for preparing adjacent teeth structures
  • Durability and Stability – implant reconstructions performed at our Clinic can last for years
  • Aesthetics – reconstructed teeth recreate natural look, shape, and functions of lost teeth in 100%
  • High Life Quality – in cases when patients have lost many teeth or suffer from anodontia, implants allow for fabricating new fixed teeth that do not need to be removed from the oral cavity, or a denture supported by several implants, which does not move and is stable.