Perfect Dental Clinic employs experts in various dentistry fields. Digital smile analysis involves their co-operation and numerous consultations. Everything is done to ensure the entire treatment process is thoroughly planned and the services are of highest quality.

We have been involved in dentistry for over 10 years. It has always appeared to us that patients want only new, refreshed and healthy teeth. However, we keep on realizing that there is more to that. Smile metamorphoses, which we have performed in recent years, not only had a positive influence on improving patients’ quality and comfort of life, but they also helped our patients achieve progress in their professional lives and been a positive impulse in their private lives.


Several Easy Steps to Smile Design by Perfect Dental Clinic:

  1. Schedule your first consultation appointment with our experts on beautiful smiles.
  2. We will create your photo portfolio as well as perform a diagnostic analysis and an oral cavity exam.
  3. A dentist will also create models of your teeth, examine dynamics of facial muscles, evaluate occlusal and temporomandibular joints relations.
  4. After you leave the Clinic, a team of experts will perform a digital analysis of your smile and prepare a digital design of your new smile, which you have never had.
  5. The digital design will also be fabricated in wax as modelled teeth with appropriately designed shape that is adjusted to your face and smile dynamics.
  6. After several days, during the second appointment a cosmetic dentist will show you the results of their work as a photo presentation including your face with a changed smile. You will be able to make edits, which can be incorporated after the analysis. Your subjective feelings and complete satisfaction are extremely important to us. During the same appointment, the dentist will present your individual plan, cost estimate, and detailed schedule of appointments, which are necessary to achieve your new dream smile.
  7. You will receive an electronic version of the presentation. Thus, you can discuss the results of our work with your family and friends.

We have changed lives of hundreds of patients acting according to our internal procedures. Consequently, results of our dentists’ work and Smile Designs by Perfect Dental Clinic have always been beautiful and predictable.

See metamorphoses of our patients. 

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