At Perfect Dental Clinic our dentists prepare interdisciplinary treatments extremely carefully from the very beginning. Their everyday work involves using professional photo equipment. The Clinic has its own photography studio equipped with special lights and backgrounds. The entire planning process starts with an image at our Clinic. During one of the first appointments, a dentist prepares a patient’s photo portfolio, which includes a couple of standard shots of the face, dental arches and smile. This way a thorough analysis of facial features is performed, and dynamics of upper and lower lip are examined. Every patient, while smiling naturally and spontaneously, exposes his or her upper and lower teeth differently. It is extremely important during the initial stage when a dentist plans to change a patients’ smile with porcelain veneers or digital crowns.

Every dentist at Perfect Dental Clinic treats a reflex camera as everyday equipment, which facilitates communication with patients. Every time a treatment stage is discussed and thoroughly explained with the use of images showed on a large screen. Photos are also used to a large extent for work that takes places at the dental practice when the patient is absent. Collected photo material is imported into special software for a new smile design  adjusted to a patient’s face.

Our patients value such a way of working – with the use of images and photos. They can exert a real influence on their dental treatment process thanks to a friendly chat with their dentist, who shows them their visualized case in digital photos. Moreover, the patients are more aware of their oral situation and learn about techniques used for their treatment, what is important for our dentists.

Are you interested how your old reconstructions look like or would you like to learn more about procedures performed during dental treatment?

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