Digital Smile Design by Perfect Smile Clinic Garnizon

DSD Digital Smile Design

Individual approach of our dentists and broad experience gained over the last ten years, when the largest revolution in interdisciplinary approach in dentistry took place, allows for making fantastic changes in our patients smiles, while simultaneously making them more self-confident.

People are often born with smiles that do not match their faces. Shape of teeth should also highlight a person’s character. Thus, all expectations of our patients exert an influence on how our dentists prepare a digital smile design.

A smile design plays an important role in planning a comprehensive treatment. Is it made digitally on the basis of an analysis of patient’s facial features, and thanks to that a prototype of future teeth remains in harmony with a face shape and a symmetry axis. Moreover, while designing a smile, our dentists take into account dynamics of the smile, exposure of the gum line, and many other aspects.

After several days, a prepared digital smile design is shown to our patients as a presentation at our Clinic. The entire process allows our patients to evaluate the final result before they decide to start treatment. Thus, it is a perfect tool helping our dentists communicate with patients. Moreover, during the presentation it is possible to introduce edits before the final work is done. The entire process takes place in a friendly and nice atmosphere full of mutual trust and good communication between our staff and patients.


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