Perfect Dental Clinic is a strong team of ambitious people from whom dentistry is a passion. We try to exert a positive influence on the life of our patients by designing and making new beautiful smiles for them.

CEREC CAD/CAM system is one of the revolutionary technological solutions. It enables us to scan teeth surfaces with the use of a special optical camera, and manufacture crowns, veneers or perfect dental implants at our on-site digital laboratory in a fast way.

Advantages of the CEREC system:

  • Modern technology that is a revolution in prosthetics;
  • Shortened period of crown or veneer fabrication down to several minutes – standard time of fabrication using tradition methods is about 5 working days;
  • Unprecedented precision of fabricated digital crowns and veneers reached 0.2 micrometre;
  • No need to use traditional impression or dental impression mass. Instead, the prosthetic base is scanned with a special intraoral optic scanner;
  • Ideal cosmetics and perfect natural effect of CAD/CAM crowns and veneers. As opposed to traditional crowns fused to metal and causing blue or grey discolourations in perigingival areas, CEREC reconstructions are characterized by impeccable features and colour identical with the teeth’s enamel.
  • Possibility to undergo a complete smile metamorphosis with the use of ultra-thin CEREC veneers within one day only.

Our foreign patients, who visit our Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, appreciate efficacy and effectiveness of the CEREC system, which maintains ideal cosmetics and naturalness in restoring the shape of teeth. The CEREC system is an ideal solution for these patients as they can spend only a limited amount of time in Poland.

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