Non-prep porcelain veneers are thin prosthetic reconstructions, which are bonded to teeth without prior preparation. A dentist merely rounds off sharp edges and teeth contours. It is a huge advantage over other ceramic reconstruction or crowns. Every living tooth with a non-prep veneer changes its appearance, shape, and colour, while keeping undamaged structure of its enamel.

Ultra-thin veneers are called da Vinci veneers or chips by some patients. The nicknames result from their thin structure of ceramic and special, almost artistic, natural colour.

Factures of ultra-thin ceramic veneers:

  • They look great in daylight;
  • Natural reflexion;
  • Translucency, shade and light refractive index are identical with enamel’s tissue.

Thanks to the above-mentioned features, all-ceramic ultra-thin veneers are considered to be the most aesthetic teeth reconstructions among all currently available solutions of modern digital dentistry.


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