The team of specialists at Perfect Dental Clinic cares about the smallest details while planning orthodontic and aesthetic treatments.

Often we encounter various disorders that are connected not only to aesthetics, health, or poor alignment of some teeth. Deeper disorders, such as occlusal dysfunctions, are common. In practice it means that occlusal system has undergone considerable disorder with age due to loss of teeth, their pathological abrasion, or orthodontic disorders. Moreover, teeth alignment in both arches with regard to their respective positions generates improper positions in temporomandibular joints. In such situations, snaps and joint dislocations are common; symptoms include also increased muscle tone as well as teeth clenching and grinding while being asleep.

In such cases, a therapy with a dental guard only will not suffice. Causal approach should include information with regard to proper joint relation. A special plate can help – the Kois deprogrammer.

This appliance is worn for 2 weeks by a patient. After that, a dentist is able to register patient’s teeth in a so-called centric relation. It is a set-up of dental arches, which corresponds to physiologic and proper joint relation.

A position of centric relation is our starting point in most cases while planning a comprehensive aesthetic and orthodontic treatment.

Do you suffer from headaches? Do you grind or clench your teeth? Have you perhaps noticed pathological abrasive changes in your teeth?

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