Frame dentures are removable prosthetic reconstructions of missing teeth. At Perfect Dental Clinic we make frame dentures in two cases:

  • A frame denture may be a temporary solution when a patient wants to have new, fixed teeth supported by implants in the future. We recommend restoring individual and multiple teeth with dental implants. It is the most effective way of restoring teeth, which guarantees comfort as well as fixed and unmoveable teeth. To learn more click
  • A frame denture may be a target solution restoring missing teeth.

Frame dentures are placed when teeth are partially preserved within the oral cavity. Retention elements used in a frame denture, such as occlusal rests and cast clasps, allow for moving forces directly onto the existing teeth while biting. Thanks to that, toothless mucous membrane is partially unloaded; in case of traditional partial dentures, the plate of dentures continually irritates the mucous membrane. Used retention elements decrease the chances of a denture being unhinged during meals, and reduce the need for wearing an uncomfortable palatal plate in case of the upper denture. It exerts a beneficial influence on comfort of usage, especially during meals, and does not cause problems with pronunciation.

Frame dentures are also often a part of extensive combined works with crowns and bridges. It is a very interesting solution that conditions a possibility of eliminating clasps in frame dentures. Instead, a denture is equipped with special snaps or latches that are connected with complimentary elements found on crowns cemented in the mouth, or bridges. Comfort and aesthetics of this solution are impeccable.

However, patients should remember about frequent follow-up appointments in case of using removable dentures. Unfortunately, bone in the toothless section, without implants or any stimulation and by being pressed by the dentures, declines. It may cause a denture to be unhinged or moved and the existing teeth may become off-balance or break.

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