One of the most modern and innovative ways of improving teeth shape and colour is application of digital porcelain crowns. Such reconstructions are possible in many cases, also with weak and discoloured dead teeth.

CAD/CAM digital crowns are characterized by:

  • Natural colour, great aesthetics;
  • Durability – they are often made from porcelain fired onto zirconium oxide, or E-max porcelain;
  • Incredible tightness – conditioned by fabrication technique. They are fabricated on the basis of a computer scan of teeth or an impression. Then, the image is sent to a milling machine, which creates a foundation with ideal tightness and precision.

CAD/CAM digital crowns and Lava crowns are not the only ones. We also offer other CAD/CAM digital reconstructions:

  • Endocrown – It is a perfect solution in case of a weakened dead tooth. It may be placed right after a root canal treatment.
  • Inlay, onlay, and overlay – In many cases it is not possible to use a traditional filling due to extensive damage of dental tissue. Using inlays, onlays or overlays is much more efficient, then. They are more durable than composite fillings and last for many years. They may be made from composite or porcelain.
  • CAD/CAM veneers – A perfect way to change shape or improve colour of your teeth. At Perfect Dental Clinic they are usually applied right after Digital Smile Design.


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