Bruxism is a civilization disease. Its symptoms include teeth clenching and grinding, usually unconsciously while being asleep. Against all appearances, it has a negative influence not only on our teeth and may results in damages, fillings falling out, root fractures, and even loss and extreme abrasion. Also, bruxism affects our daily life and activities. Overloading temporomandibular joints excessively may lead to their degeneration and consequently, to snaps and dislocations during mandibular movements. Continual teeth clenching and grinding is also a reason behind common tone problems causing frequent migrainous headaches and hypertrophy of masseter muscles.

Perfect Dental Clinic specializes in treatment of bruxism, temporomandibular joint disorders, as well as teeth clenching and grinding. We use a number of procedures:

  • The Kois deprogrammer

It is a plate whose aim is to locate optimal relation in temporomandibular joints. Learn more

  • Intramuscular Botox injections

It is a tested as a separate therapy and a therapy combined with causal treatment of bruxism. In some cases of masseter muscle hypertrophy it is indispensable. Our patients often appreciate this form of therapy highlighting better mood during the day and calm sleep at night, without teeth grinding or clenching.

  • Dental guards

It is a basic method for preventing teeth damage and abrasion that occur while being asleep in patients suffering from bruxism. A protective dental guard, which prevents effects of teeth grinding, is standardly prepared after a comprehensive treatment with fragile all-ceramic veneers. After an extensive reconstruction of old teeth, an organism and the muscular system need to adapt to this new situation. The early period is of key importance; therefore, it is worth to have a special dental guard for the night, so that porcelain is not damaged or does not chip as a result of teeth clenching.

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