Perfect Dental Clinic is a Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology. We offer affordable prosthetic solutions. Mainly, we specialize in fixed and removable dentures supported by dental implants. To learn more click

The most common problems with removable dentures include:

  • Lack of stability and movability of dentures while eating;
  • Metal clasps on teeth;
  • Unaesthetic appearance of dentures;
  • Problems with pronunciation;
  • Lack of comfort and no sense of taste caused by a large plate covering the palate.

At Perfect Dental Clinic we try to eliminate all above negative features, which have been associated with dentures for years.

Our offer includes only aesthetic and comfortable dentures:

  • Fixed implant-supported dentures – made on the same day according to All on 4
  • Dentures attached to implants, removable, claspless
  • Claspless overdentures with ball attachments, which are cemented into existing roots of remaining teeth
  • Telescopic dentures
  • Snap-on or latch dentures made as combined works, i.e. combination of crowns permanently fixed on teeth with a removable claspless denture that latches on special snaps or latches.
  • Acetyl or flexible dentures, which are exceptionally light and have clasps in tooth or gum colour.

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