At Perfect Dental Clinic orthodontics is our passion. Every orthodontic treatment is carefully planned by our specialists to achieve desired aesthetic results as fast as possible. Every case of given malocclusion type requires other orthodontic assumptions, depending on patient’s age and teeth condition.

The group of removable dental braces includes, apart from classic braces used in paediatric orthodontics, removable cosmetic braces for adults such as Clean Aligner. These are removable sets of silicone trays worn on teeth; they are practically invisible when used, and thanks to that they do not exert a negative influence on patient’s smile aesthetics.

Clear Aligner is transparent, and thus, it is also recommended for patients who want to straighten their teeth in the most discreet way. These modern dental braces ensure fast and stable treatment results, while simultaneously guaranteeing comfort during their usage.

In order to obtain fast results, removable dental braces should be worn approximately 20 hours a day. It is possible to remove the braces during meals and sometimes during important meetings or events. It is easy to keep the trays clean after taking them out. When the trays are placed on both arches in the oral cavity, they do not cause any discomfort, pressure, or irritation.

Clean Aligner silicone trays are fabricated after an analysis of patient’s malocclusion in digital environment. Our orthodontic treatment is carefully planned using special virtual models. We determine the angles, distance of shifts, and leaning of every tooth. Digital models are printed out with the use of a 3D printer, and then Clear Aligner trays are fabricated by utilizing the technique of vacuum thermoforming.

Orthodontic treatment with Clear Aligner lasts at least 3 months, depending on the type of malocclusion.

Clean Aligner – Price

The price of comfortable Clean Aligner used for teeth straightening may be estimated already after the first consultation appointment with an orthodontist. The price depends on the number of aligners that need to be fabricated for the given type of malocclusion.

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